What will it mean to be human in the future?


In my thesis I researched moral panics regarding technological advancements in human communication. The concerns around changes caused by technology’s encroachment into everyday life is a pattern repeated through human history (a great book about this is Carolyn Marvin’s When Old Technology Were New: Thinking About Electric Communication in the Late Nineteenth Century). Artificial Intelligence is the newest form.

“…even if computers will outsmart us, we can still be the most creative act in town, if we embrace creativity as one of the defining values of humanness. Like funnily irrational ideas, or grand emotions”

This BBC article is a different take on what the workforce of the future needs in the world of AI, and what ‘human’ qualities machines can’t emulate are in fact our opportunities. We may be surpassed by machines in logic and rational thinking and processing power, but we excel at things I think we currently don’t value as much such as creative thinking. Even irrationality, the article argues, is a distinct human quality that machines will not possess but that will be a distinctly human quality we can use to our advantage. Another article on what our role will be in the AI world of the future suggests that AI will be relatively easily fooled and humans will be needed to be kept in the loop as a quality control and point of verification.


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